Thursday, March 23, 2017

London attacks: Why financial markets shrugged off Westminster terror incident

Major terror attacks that have rocked the world in recent decades have had variable degrees of impact on financial markets.
After the attacks on the twin towers in September 2001, Wall Street’s Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted and major stock markets shut for four trading days— the first time since the Great Depression.
Considering the sheer scale of the damage, the impact was not surprising.

London terror attack suspect was British-born and previously investigated by MI5 over extremism, May confirms

Prime Minister gives defiant message to packed House of Commons: 'We are not afraid'


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

UK Parliament terror alert: One woman dead and police officer stabbed

London (CNN)Three people died after an attacker rammed a car into crowds of people in what authorities were treating as a terror attack outside the UK parliament in London, police said.
A police officer was one of those killed.
One woman was pulled alive from the River Thames amid chaos in the area, the heart of political life in Britain. The assailant also died.

Parliament shooting: Woman dies in Westminster attack

A woman has died on Westminster Bridge in central London in what police are treating as a terrorist incident.
A police officer was also stabbed in the nearby Houses of Parliament by an attacker, who was shot dead by police.
The attacker struck several pedestrians as he drove a car across the bridge, before crashing it into railings.
A doctor at St Thomas' Hospital said a number of other people were hurt - some with "catastrophic" injuries.
A Downing Street source said Prime Minister Theresa May was safe.
Prime Minister Theresa May was seen being ushered into a silver Jaguar car as what sounded like gunfire rang out at Parliament during the incident.
MPs said they had heard three or four gunshots and staff inside Parliament were told to stay inside their offices.
Commons Leader David Lidington told MPs the "alleged assailant was shot by armed police".

Islamic State 2.0: As the caliphate crumbles, ISIS evolves

(CNN) ISIS is on the back foot.
Nearly three years since the group's elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a self-styled Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is reeling from losses across its so-called "caliphate".
It is fast losing its grip on Mosul, its biggest hub in Iraq, and its de-facto capital in Syria -- Raqqa -- is all but surrounded.
But it's not just territory that the militant group is losing.
Over the last six months, ISIS has seen its finances slashed, media operations crippled and several high-ranking leaders killed or captured.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

U.S. and U.K. ban laptops and other devices on flights from Middle East

The U.S. and U.K. on Tuesday banned people flying from much of the Middle East and North Africa from carrying laptops, tablets and other large electronic devices in the airplane cabin because of concerns about terrorism.


Roger Stone, the ‘Trickster’ on Trump’s Side, Is Under F.B.I. Scrutiny

In President Trump’s oft-changing world order, Roger J. Stone Jr., the onetime political consultant and full-time provocateur, has been one of the few constants — a loyalist and self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” who nurtured the dream of a presidential run by the developer-turned-television-star for 30 years.

But two months into the Trump presidency, Mr. Stone, known for his pinstripe suits, the Nixon tattoo spanning his shoulder blades, and decades of outlandish statements, is under investigation for what would be his dirtiest trick — colluding with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton and put his friend in the White House.
At a hearing of the House Intelligence Committee on Monday, Democrats pressed James B. Comey, director of the F.B.I., for information on Mr. Stone. Asked by Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, a Democrat, if he was familiar with Mr. Stone, Mr. Comey replied tersely, “Generally, yes,” before saying he could not discuss any specific person.


Titanic: Diving tours of wreck site to begin in 2018

In 1912, a trip on board the Titanic was the ultimate in luxury travel.
More than a century later, it still is.
Deep-pocketed tourists will once again get the chance to explore the Titanic wreckage when London-based travel company Blue Marble Private begins dives to the site in May 2018.
Interest in the 20th century's most famous maritime disaster has remained high since Robert Ballard and his team discovered the remains of RMS Titanic almost 32 years ago.
However, this could well be one of the last opportunities to visit.
A 2016 study claimed that a recently discovered "extremophile bacteria" could eat away what's left of the famous shipwreck inside 15 or 20 years. 

Brexit: EU will take UK to International Court if it refuses to pay £50bn divorce bill, 'leaked document' says

The EU will take Britain to the International Court of Justice if it tries to walk away without paying an estimated £50bn ‘divorce bill’, a reported leak of its negotiating strategy suggests.

The draft plan – obtained by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant – threatens a long legal battle at The Hague to grab back what the EU regards as the UK’s liabilities for its 43-year membership.

“In that case it is: see you in The Hague!” it quotes an EU official – in response to Theresa May’s threat to leave with “no deal” if the Brexit talks cut up rough.